Release ECNs Date Changes Notes
20.1.11 Link4: ECN20.17.2B
iDoser: ECN20.17.2B
Modbus: ECN20.17.2B
  1. When temperature units are set on linkconn, linkconn is now responsible for converting all temperature values - this fixes a syncing issue where linkconn would not receive converted values in a timely fashion.
  2. Event history fix - added an explicit event history packet type. The former implementation required popping the entire history stack (one at a time) before you could access the event queue. Now, event history packet sends the entire event buffer in one packet.
  3. Analog mix valve equipment timed override now settable to 0-99% through keypad, instead of "on" and "off".
The first 2 changes affect all 3 builds.
The Analog mix valve change only affects Modbus and Link4 builds, not iDoser.
20.1.10 Modbus: 20.17.4A 28 Feb 2020
  1. Fixes watchdog (WD) resets that were occurring at Revolutionary. These were tied to high Modbus activity. Replaced hardware watchdog with virtual WD that is task-specific.
  2. If a WD reset occurs, we display this on the help screen (advanced menu) and report it to Linkconn, indicating which task had the WD timeout.
  3. When controllers have a WD reset, they would turn off an expansion output and then turn it back on. Fixed this so the output is not updated by the controller, so it'll stay on across a WD reset.
We only saw lots of resets at Revolutionary, which uses the Modbus release. However, we will include the WD change in all future builds.
20.1.9 Link4: 19.50.4A 12 Dec 2019
  1. Crop protection modes are now "fast tracked" into ascending crop protection modes. E.g. going from C1 to CP2/CP3/SP should now occur instantaneously.
  2. Descending crop protection modes will call the delay of the current override. E.g. going from SP to CP1/CP2/CP3 requires timing out the Structure Protect Delay.
The crop protection algorithm was somewhat inconsistent and feasibly dangerous under the right conditions. Transitions from "no override" to "crop protection" is relatively instantaneous, but from a lower crop protection mode to a higher mode, the delay of the current override mode is applied.
20.1.8 iDoser: 19.49.1A 2 Dec 2019
  1. Alarm threshold check for EC alarms was changed such that a 0 threshold will disable the EC alarm entirely.
EC Low alarms were going off in RO water with a 0 threshold.
20.1.7 iDoser: 19.46.2B 12 Nov 2019
  1. Moved EC/pH alarms to occur after the mixing cycle, after injection and blancing is complete, but before irrigation.
Task Pri Rst has 16 bits.
  • Customers didn't want to get alrams while mixing as EC and pH can be off before the mixing is complete.
20.1.6 iDoser: 19.43.2B
Link4: 19.43.2C
Modbus: 19.43.2A
  1. Fixed reset problem due to uC/OS issue. Controllers in the field were resetting at various times (discrete input changes, keypad presses, LinkConn traffic).
  2. Added some debug capability to try and determine why a controller reset. On the menu, “System Setup” -> “Advanced Settings”. The 4th line shows “Task Pri Rst”.
  3. Added barometric pressure as an available operand for aux controls.
  4. Added a build number to help us distinguish builds between releases.
Task Pri Rst has 16 bits.
  • Upper 4 bits indicate the task that had the watchdog timeout.
  • Lower 4 bits of the upper byte indicate the type of reset.
    • 1 for hw reset
    • 2 for sw reset
    • 4 for Wdog timeout.
  • Lower byte indicates the task that was running when the reset occurred.
20.1.5 Modbus: 19.37.1 9 September 2019
  1. Fixed problem with balance pumps not working correctly on expansion cards (IG1800-63). This was seen with pH balancing, but it would've affected EC as well.
20.1.4 Link4 Bus: 19.33.1x 12 Aug 2019
  1. Allow slaves to receive barometric pressure from the site master.
20.1.3 iDoser 19.32.2x 6 Aug 2019
  1. Save batch pump volume in flash so it doesn't get overwritten by LinkConn configuration messages. Previously, changes in configuration would undo the firmware's calculated mixing volume, resulting in incorrect batch mixing.
20.1.2 Modbus: 19.28.03B -
  1. Fixed problem where the user couldn't change the board type on the controller back to "None", after making it some other type.
Note that Bob W has seen LCD menus get corrupted, one part of the display overwritten by another screen. This has been seen on the Help screen with the fw version. It's hard to repeat and seems related to screen updates, not just the version number screen. If this happens, the workaround is to back out of the screen and go back into it. Opened a Jira for this issue.
20.1.1 iDoser: 19.26.4 27 Jun 2019
  1. Added back reporting of build type to LinkConn. This problem was introduced in 19.1. The result was that LinkConn didn’t recognize this controller as using Modbus. It presumed this was a Link4 bus controller.
  2. Fixed problem with iDoser not being able to see al EC/pH sensors (iDoser only).
This build introduced a bug that prevented board types from being set back to None once they were changed. Fixed in the following release.
20.0.0 Modbus: 19.18.03B
Link4 Bus: 19.18.03C
iDoser: 19.18.03A
24 April 2019
  1. Fixed irrigation timing when in cycle mode.
  2. Added back the 3rd field in the version number. Used to indicate bug fix builds.
  3. Fixed equipment ID incompatibility with LinkConn, introduced in 19.0.0.
  4. Fixed Black Plate problem with Aux Control.
  5. Fixed problem accessing multiple expansion cards (iDoser only).
  6. Added version reporting of expansion cards.
19.1 Modbus: 19.05.5B 31 Jan 2019
  1. Updated "Restoring Default Configuration ..." message to match our new version display.
  2. Removed the copyright notice.
  3. Protected memory copies to try and reduce how often configuration gets corrupted when configuring the controller. No noticeable improvement.
  4. Default PID scaling to 1, so PID coefficients are more obvious.
  5. Removed 3rd field in the version number and the MB and ID extensions.
Removing MB and ID extensions broke LinkConn's ability to know what type of controller it was connected to. It presumes Link4 Bus. This was fixed in 20.1.0.
19.0.0 iDoser: 19.02.6A 11 Jan 2019
  1. Added support for 1, 3 and 5 analog outputs on AB PLCs (Modbus only).
  2. Removed EC/pH alarms for non-iDoser builds.
  3. Added PLC firmware version and project value on controller display (Modbus only).
  4. Fixed problem with peristaltic pumps not running as expected (iDoser only).
  5. First build of iDoser since Modbus code was implemented (which isn't a feature in the iDoser build, but it uses the same code base).
  • This changed equipment ID values which introduced a compatibility problem with LinkConn.
  • Also caused indexing problem that prevented reading EC/pH boards beyond expansion slot 2 (iDoser only). Fixed in 20.0.0.